Open Your Eyes With “Food, Inc.”

June 10th, 2009

food_incThe producers of the new film “Food, Inc.’ opening this week have chosen 10 things we can all do to change our food system. #5 is: Meatless Mondays…Go without meat one day a week.

Directed by Robert Kenner and produced by Participant Media (the people behind Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth’), “Food, Inc.’ takes an unflinching look at the evolution of the food production system. What it uncovers is at times hard to watch, both grim and poignant — less Mr. Green Jeans than insatiable corporate raider.

We’re led on a voyage through vast and reeking feed lots, claustrophobic chicken houses and meat cutting-rooms, balanced by images of gleaming control rooms, distant corporate offices and the quiet (and complicit) halls of government.

We also see the human side as we learn how an immigrant family must choose fast-food over healthier options they can’t afford. And a mother and food activist relates how her 2-year old son died a few short hours after eating a hamburger tainted with E. coli.

Ultimately, we’re left with the sense that the food industry isn’t particularly committed to our individual health. That it’s up to us to get informed, to remain vigilant of an industry, and a mindset, bent on profit alone. All the same, “Food, Inc.’ encourages us not to lose hope, that over time, and with greater awareness, greater accountability will follow. We are increasingly coming to understand that the food choices we make impact the environment around us as much as our own bodies.