Our 2012 Movers & Shakers Keep Motivating the Movement

January 7th, 2013

Blue Cure, the University of St. Thomas and Whole Foods came together for a Meatless Monday lunch event in 2012.

The Meatless Monday movement grew by leaps and bounds in 2012! From MorningStar Farms to Sodexo, Oxfam to ABC’s The Chew, organizations, companies and famous faces joined the campaign to promote personal and planetary health. Many showed their support by bringing Meatless Monday to social media: TV personalities and Hollywood stars like Bethenny Frankel, Emily Deschanel, Denise Richards, Constance Marie Lopez and Amy Smart shared the movement with their fans on Twitter, offering motivational support, recipes and tips from their own kitchens. Still others signed on to the Meatless Monday movement by bringing the campaign to their website, workplace, college, community, or the family dinner table.

Check out some of the Movers & Shakers who helped spread the movement in 2012!

As the Founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group, a multinational collection of over 400 companies, Sir Richard Branson knows a good idea when he sees one! He joined the movement with the launch of Meat Free Monday Australia, saying “I love eating meat, but I love our planet even more, so I will join this campaign and stop eating meat at least one day a week.”
giadaStar of the Food Network’s, Giada at Home, Giada De Laurentiis first showed her support by tweeting from the set of her show. She has since shared that her family participates in Meatless Monday “in an effort to eat healthfully and mindfully.” Her latest cookbook, Weeknights With Giada, offers plenty of delicious vegetarian recipes to help readers start their week right.
KathyKaehlerCelebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler now offers expert advice for better Meatless Mondays. Her Sunday Set-Up Club is the perfect way to ensure that you have healthy meatless meals ready for the start of the week. Kaehler joined the movement by teaming up with MorningStar Farms, who are helping fans of their meatless products join the movement with online tips and free weekly giveaways through social media.
It may come as a surprise that the founder of New York City’s Meatopia Festival recommends cutting back one day a week, yet self-proclaimed “carnist” Josh Ozersky supported the movement in his TIME column, Taste of America, saying that:

“Critics of our food system… feel that we, as a country, eat too much meat, but I think it’s more that we eat too much bad meat. So maybe it’s not so crazy to push down demand just a little bit… The reality of the meat business is that it can’t go on forever the way it is.”

Sharon Palmer is a Registered Dietician, chef, author and editor of the award-winning newsletter, Environmental Nutrition. She shares the benefits of going Meatless Monday – along with 75 meatless recipes, two full weeks of menu ideas, and handy guides on produce-prep and pantry staples – in her latest book, The Plant Powered Diet.
Gabe CanalesGabe Canales, founder of Blue Cure, encourages men to prevent prostate cancer with the help of Meatless Monday. “I want you and your loved ones to do everything you can to avoid getting cancer and other chronic health conditions like heart disease,” Canales shared in an article on The Huffington Post. “Meatless Monday is a step toward developing better habits. You can do it — and you should feel better.”
Diane KochilasrChef, author, and TV show host Diane Kochilas is always exploring delicious new ways to share the healthful benefits of Mediterranean cooking. Her YouTube channel, Greek Food TV, is full of Meatless Monday dishes that you can try in your own kitchen.
Chef Tina JoAward-winning raw food chef Tina Jo celebrates Meatless Monday on the online TV network FMG and her Real Life Raw radio show. Fans can check out her free videos and Raw for Beginners guide, or take her personal Meatless Monday pledge to receive weekly recipe ideas.