Our Top 5 Health Mags

November 16th, 2009

The internet has made it easier than ever to learn tips on nutrition and better living, but it can be difficult to know where to turn and who to trust with your health. Many long respected wellness magazines are making the transition from print to cyberspace with exciting new interactive tools and content. Read up on health this Monday by checking out our recommended health magazines:

1) Health Magazine – Your one stop guide for a wide variety of health topics. Health Magazine is constantly updated with new articles, tips and studies, so you’ll always be informed!

2) Prevention Magazine – Keeps you ahead of the game by offering advice on how to combat chronic illnesses before they occur. Cut your risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes with the help of Prevention’s informative articles on nutrition, natural remedies and emotional health.

3) Cooking Light Magazine – Eat your way to better health! Cooking Light always has a new healthy recipe to try, including lighter versions of some favorite comfort foods. The thorough nutrition and lifestyle articles can also help readers better understand the connection between diet and health.

4) Men’s Health Magazine – Diet, fitness, nutrition and grooming advice written by men, for men. This magazine’s lighthearted yet informative approach will keep you entertained while you learn essential health tips.

5) Women’s Day Magazine – The health section of Women’s Day is filled with information essential to women of all ages. The stories on current health topics and first person accounts from fellow readers make sense of even the most complicated health care issues. And look out for weekly Meatless Monday recipes in their "Month of Menus‘ calendar!