Philadelphia Group Petitions Schools
to Adopt MM

February 3rd, 2014

cafeteriaA Philly-based animal rights group, the Humane League, is urging the School District of Philadelphia to institute Meatless Monday in its schools. Their campaign comes on the heels of the City Council resolution that officially recognized Meatless Monday in October; but while that motion offered a merely symbolic endorsement, this new initiative would usher in a profound change for students of all ages.

The campaign is rapidly gaining traction.

Public health juggernauts like the Clean Air Council and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have thrown in their support, and the initiative’s rank-and-file advocates—the parents of current students—are mobilizing to make the proposal a reality. A poll by Philadelphia Magazine reports 84% of respondents agreeing that the district should adopt Meatless Monday, provided the vegetarian options are healthy.

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