Prevention Posts the 7 New Food Rules;
Meatless Monday Makes the List

March 17th, 2014

prevention_rule4_finalWhen it comes to culinary guidelines, Americans have learned to keep up their guard. After decades of shifting trends, fluctuating fads and fashionable diets, it has become hard to distinguish sound advice from popular opinion. But right now, all across America, there is something bigger than a diet or a trend going on; there is a movement toward eating real, healthy food. And Prevention is here to help.

The March, 2014, issue– The Food Lover’s Issue–features a special section titled the “7 New Food Rules,” and offers what everyone needs most: a breath of fresh air and common sense advice. Prevention consulted leading chefs, farmers and published foodies to devise its rulebook, which emphasizes a return to old habits and good health. Along the way, readers will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the new paradigm praises taste and not just prudence.

Great news for everyone who participates in Meatless Monday: we are included in the piece as “Rule #4: Cut Down on Meat.” Meatless Monday advocates, now in as many as 30 countries, won’t be surprised to find that Meatless Monday is characterized as “a movement with serious impact.” Prevention also highlights the ancillary environment benefits of less meat leads to healthier planet (not to mention a healthier wallet). All of which are nothing to sneeze at.

Visit to learn the 6 other rules. Happy cooking!