PRO*ACT Joins the
Meatless Monday Movement

June 23rd, 2014

__Mary and CherryOn June 11, PRO*ACT, America’s leading distributor of fresh produce to the foodservice industry, also delivered a bit of fresh news: PRO*ACT is joining the Meatless Monday movement.

The announcement of the partnership with Meatless Monday was made at United Fresh 2014, an annual trade show presented by the United Fresh Produce Association.

As part of the partnership, PRO*ACT will provide a Meatless Monday Tool Kit for its members to use when meeting with their restaurant and foodservice customers. Tool Kits provide any business that wants to ‘go meatless’ all the resources they need to launch and promote a campaign, boosting sales on a typical slow night while providing an economic boost to produce growers. PRO*ACT will also promote Meatless Monday across its social media channels.

Prior to the formation of the partnership, Peggy Neu, Cherry Dumaual and Diana Rice of The Monday Campaigns held a webinar arranged by Mary-Wright Rana, PRO*ACT Director of Marketing, for its members, to explain the benefits of joining the Meatless Monday movement, from the global reach of the movement to the research of why Monday is the healthiest day of the week to the marketing benefits of communicating Meatless Monday to customers.

__Chefs tour boothCherry Dumaual, PR & Partnerships Director at the Monday Campaigns, attended United Fresh 2014 and met with the winning chefs of the 2014 Produce Excellence in Foodservice Awards sponsored by PRO*ACT. Cherry also attended the Chairman’s Reception and Produce Celebration Gala, which featured an award ceremony for the winning chefs of the 2014 Produce Excellence in Foodservice Awards. The winning chefs participated in a panel discussion about retail merchandising strategies.

And if you want a sneak peek at what foods and trends the produce industry is talking about, topics of discussion included a focus on local produce; a trend toward bold flavors and use of spices; and increase in ethnic influences, i.e., indigenous vegetables from other countries; the continuing trend of produce being the star of the plate; an increase of salad bars in schools; and the question a lot of people are asking: What’s the new kale?

Probably the healthiest trade show you’ll ever attend, United Fresh 2014 featured an endless variety of familiar and exotic fresh fruits and vegetables. And if you ever needed a change of scenery, you could always step inside the tomato greenhouse for a few minutes.