Recipes Please!

June 29th, 2009

submit_recipesDoubtless you’ve noticed our new fresh, uplifting look. We’ve introduced features like Reviews, Seasonal Picks and News. Plus, we’ve increased our functionality to offer comment and rating capabilities. We’ve also responded to your requests to focus more on the environmental benefits of limiting meat intake. All that said, recipes remain the lifeblood of Meatless Monday. That’s why this week we’re highlighting the meatless recipes of our readers.

We’ve put out the call, and several of our friends in the blogosphere have submitted favorite recipes. Jennifer at The Red, White and Green, Kerry at Retrovore, Dana at To Cheese or Not to Cheese? and Rhona at Iambic Café have been kind enough to offer you a glimpse into their private cookbooks. Low in calories, fats and salt, and always totally delicious, these meat-free alternatives are perfect for summer meals with your family.

Meatless Monday is ultimately your movement. Your suggestions and your support have created our new site. Not only do we want your continued involvement, we’d love to feature your favorite meatless recipes.

So please send us a recipe (or a few!) with a clear photo if possible. We’ll showcase it and your blog, if you have one, in an upcoming issue. Don’t be shy – if it’s good enough for your own family, it’s perfect for our readership. Email your best here. Remember, together we can change the world one Monday at a time!