Blog Offers Style, Health and Meatless Chili for $2 a Serving

April 26th, 2010

ThreadBangerDecor-it Yourself is a video blog on Thread Banger, a do-it-yourself, sustainable fashion site that generates around 2,000,000 visitors each month. For this week’s installment, host Meg Allen Cole recommends that we improve our health and the planet with a Meatless Monday. Cole even offers her top-secret, budget-friendly recipe for vegetarian chili to get us started!

meg_allan_cole_80x90Cole starts her post by highlighting some of the health concerns surrounding meat. She then poses the question “what can we do about this without spending a ton of money or completely changing our lives that will improve the quality of our food and make us a little healthier?’ She concludes that Meatless Monday is a wonderful way to take control over what we eat, without having to give up meat entirely.

Cole brings up the fantastic point that cutting back on meat can also save cash! She demonstrates with her favorite organic chili recipe, which only costs $2 per serving! She also offers a few more delicious recipes, including veggie pot pie and potato perogies. Cole was thrilled by her audience’s enthusiastic response to Meatless Monday, so be sure to check out Decor-it Yourself again soon for more videos!