Resolve to Make Mondays Meatless in 2012

December 26th, 2011

Many of us will make a New Year’s resolution for better health, only to lose sight of our objective months (or even days) later. The key to a successful resolution is one that is easy to implement, fits into your routine and comes with a support system. That’s why weekly Meatless Monday meals are an excellent 2012 goal.

As the start of the week, Monday is the perfect time to make moves towards better habits. It’s the day we reset our routine; an opportunity for a fresh start. In addition, research has shown that weekly reminders to engage in healthy behavior can lead to long term success. So starting the week with delicious meatless options means you’re more likely to keep it up, which can reduce your overall risk for chronic preventable illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Not only does Meatless Monday have a weekly reset button, it also comes with the support of a global movement! You can easily find the perfect Meatless Monday recipe, dine at a supporting restaurant, join the Meatless Monday community on Facebook or stay up to date on Twitter. You can even use our toolkits to bring the campaign to your school or town! The city of Durham, North Carolina did just that, creating a community-wide Meatless Monday New Year’s Challenge.

Start preparing for Meatless Mondays in 2012 today! Sign the Meatless Monday Pledge and check in each week for new information and recipes. If you’re already doing meatless meals every week, why not use Monday for other health goals like family nutrition, fitness, or smoke cessation? Check out Healthy Monday on Facebook for weekly tips and more information on how you can make Monday work for you.