Serve Up Savings with Meatless Monday

September 19th, 2011

On Saturday, September 17th, thousands of people gathered at tables across the U.S. for the Slow Food $5 Challenge. The premise behind the nation-wide event was simple; spend $5 or less per person on a home cooked dinner instead of opting for a fast food “value meal”. Slow Food organizers gathered in cities like Detroit, Portland and Chicago to call attention to food deserts, diet-related disease, disappearing culinary skills and other important issues surrounding food today.

One easy way to incorporate more slow food into your diet while saving money is with Meatless Monday. Many shoppers have already discovered that beans, tofu and rice tend to be cheaper than beef or chicken. Meatless Mondays also offer a weekly opportunity to experiment in the kitchen, which can help you build a recipe repertoire and culinary expertise.

The Meatless Monday team joined Slow Food’s $5 Challenge last week, when we cooked up 11 different dishes at $5 or less per serving. We sampled delicious options like Ba Bao Tsai, Eggplant Frittata and a locally sourced Blueberry Pie. The star of the potluck was our new Project Leader Morgan, who went shopping with a single $5 bill and came back with a delicious, home made veggie flatbread!

It’s easy to cook up an affordable Meatless Monday meal for the whole family! Check out Slow Food USA for money saving tips, tricks and recipe ideas. You can also sample these budget-friendly recipes from some of our favorite Meatless Monday supporters: