Have a Meatless Monday Story?

April 9th, 2012

A friendly potluck from Big Girls Small Kitchen

Do you love being part of the Meatless Monday movement? We’d love to share your story! We’re looking for inspiring profiles of real people for our website, news articles and other media outlets.
First, let us know when you started going Meatless Monday and why; then tell us about your personal experience! Your profile should be about 100-250 words and include pictures, relevant website links and any other important information.

Meatless Mondays are fun for the whole family with Circle B Kitchen

Here are some topic ideas to get you thinking:
  • Have you used Meatless Monday meals to try new, interesting foods?
  • Did you get your spouse, kids, or other family members on board? How’d it go?
  • Have you inspired community members to give Meatless Monday a try?
  • Do you have an exciting long-term goal (like going meatless every Monday for a year)?
  • Do you try to have a Meatless Monday every week? Have you ever “fallen off the wagon”? What inspired you to start again?
  • Have Meatless Mondays changed your overall diet? Are you eating more veggie options throughout the week?
  • Has the campaign helped you make healthier choices in other areas of your life?
Submit your story to [email protected] for a chance at meatless stardom!