Site Expands, Movement Grows

September 7th, 2009 scales up!

The Meatless Monday movement is growing around the world, continent by continent, as we’ve reported. But we’re also growing right here – on our website! This week we introduce a whole range of new features to help you go meatless on Monday: Video, Q&A Corner, Letters To The Editor and Recipe Submissions. Take a look around, then tell us what you think!

We’re ready to bring video center-stage. Kinzie of To Cheese or Not To Cheese? has been sharing her meatless recipe videos over the last months, and now we’re ready to bring her and other talented chefs to our front page. In the coming weeks we’ll be showcasing videos from readers and professional chefs, mothers and precocious kids, highlighting just how easy and fun it is to cook meatless!

What do the experts think about all this? This week we launch our Q&A/Interview section, where we’ll be talking with nutritionists, health and fitness experts, professional chefs, food writers, concerned celebrities, farmers and ordinary American consumers to get their opinions on the latest food/health/nutrition issues and their answers to your pressing questions.

Delicious meatless recipes are the lifeblood of our movement. That’s why we’ve now made it much easier for you to submit your own recipes right on our site. On our Recipe pages you’ll see a right column box titled Submit Your Meatless Recipes. Just click, and input your recipe into our nifty form. We’ll take a look, and showcase the very best of them.

We’ve been getting a good deal of publicity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re doing everything right. We want to hear from you – we want your feedback on our content, on the issues we highlight and on the look and feel of our new website. Please click on the box Letters To The Editor and tell us what you think.

The Meatless Monday movement is ultimately about you, about your health and welfare, about what you bring to our proverbial table. As we continue to grow the movement, we hope to rollout even more features and exciting ways to keep you informed, entertained and, most importantly, healthy!