Sneaky Ways to Get Your Mom to Go Meatless

May 2nd, 2016

So, you’ve changed your diet from what you grew up with. Less meat, more veggies. But going home for the holidays, like Mother’s Day, can be a real stress-out when it comes to dining with your meat-and-potatoes family. Maybe your mom is still making those meat-heavy dishes you used to love as a child every night of the week. How do you talk to her about your changing food habits and maybe even influence her to make some changes? Mother’s Day might just be your big chance!

Feed her. Nothing says it better than trying a delicious new meatless dish. Your mom, especially on Mother’s Day, will appreciate more than ever not having to cook. Our recipe archive is full of easy but delicious Mom Brunch in Bed options you could make, like Louisiana Citrus Crepes and a Banana Date Smoothie.

Inform her. When your mom asks you what you’ve been doing, say, “Thinking about my health.” You’ve discovered that going meatless once a week is a small step you can take to reduce your risk of chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. One day a week – no meat. Simple, Mom. You could do it, too! I’d love for you to live a long time!

Commune with her. Plan an outing to a park together and casually comment that every hour, rainforest the size of 4,000 football fields is being destroyed. Meat production is a big part of that and it’s guzzling trillions of tons of water. For every burger skipped, she could save enough H2O to shower with for the next 2.5 months!

What not to do? Don’t push, don’t argue, don’t insist. Meatless Monday is something you discover – like love – and then happily follow. A Mother’s Day gift she’ll really enjoy? Print out some of our free, cute recipe cards, tie them up with a bow, and leave them on her bedside table. Of course, add a love note from you.