Sustainable Dinner Party Kit

January 18th, 2010


Take one part CSA inspired menu, one part carpool transportation, throw in a screening of The Real Dirt on Farmer John and a gourd for table decoration, and what do you have? A sustainable dinner party of course. The folks at Sustainable Table realize that it might take more than buying organic to insert a healthy dose of eco-friendliness into your next party, so they’ve created a Sustainable Dinner Party Kit to guide everyone from first timers to full on foodies.

Many might assume that a sustainable dinner party simply involves a menu made from organic and local ingredients. The Sustainable Dinner Party Kit reframes the event as an opportunity to discuss eco-conscious food practices with your nearest and dearest, while your mouth experiences them firsthand. The guide emphasizes that sustainable get-togethers can be “an opportunity to vote with your frying pan, while you lobby with your fork.’ After all, there’s no better time to argue for responsible agriculture than when your friends are chowing down on a salad made from deliciously unique organic heirloom tomatoes.

st_kit_grabs_280x452The kit leaves no stone unturned as it goes beyond the food, giving advice for organizing sustainable invitations, decorations, transportation and party favors. The kit suggests different party themes from an Iron Chef Challenge, where the all guests bring a dish revolving around an in-season fruit or veggie, to a Comfort Foods Party, where the host reinvents quintessential dishes from their childhood- but uses healthier, ethically produced ingredients to concoct these classics. Want to throw some spice into your week?  Throw Meatless Monday dinner parties and challenge your guests to bring delectable veggie dishes, or recreate their favorites without the meat. Your health, and the health of the planet, will thank you. Bon Appetite!