Teens Animated By Climate Education

July 20th, 2009

aceAmerican teenagers live a fast paced life surrounded by modern technology. They spend their time talking and texting on cell phones, studying and surfing the web and grabbing fast food while driving between home, work, school and social activities. The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) explains the environmental dangers of this lifestyle by performing entertaining high school assemblies. Teenagers in turn learn simple, incremental changes they can incorporate into their Monday routine.

Many young adults don’t realize they’re adding to the already dire condition of the environment. Those who do are overwhelmed by the amount of organization and action needed to affect change. ACE provides free presentations explaining current, accurate climate science in an engaging and age appropriate manner. These auditorium assemblies use animation and live educators to relate the science behind global warming, its consequences and possible solutions.

Meat consumption is something ACE is very concerned about. Cows produce methane gasses, which are 26 times more detrimental to the environment than carbon dioxide. These kid-friendly presentations make it perfectly clear that the more meat we eat, the more methane is released into the atmosphere.

Ultimately, ACE is empowering the leaders of tomorrow by showing them how to combat climate change today – and for that, they earn our total support. We’re deeply impressed that ACE provides scholarships for students who coordinate community projects to aid the environment.

We can all take action to reduce our carbon footprint. Why not start this week? Here are some of ACE’s eco-friendly habits you can incorporate into your Monday routine.

1) Unplug Energy Vampires – Electronics continue to draw energy even when you turn them off! Unplug appliances and chargers you’re not using. Not only will you reduce carbon dioxide emissions, you’ll reduce your electric bill!

2) Buy Smart – Natural resources and fossil fuels go into every item you buy. Choose items made in your area to decrease the fuel used in transit. Buy used goods when you can (vintage fashion looks great and saves resources!).

3) Join an Environmental Network – The more people band together to reduce climate change, the more impact we’ll have! Encourage others to participate by starting a blog or joining a social networking site. Gather together to plant a garden or hold a forum. ACE has scheduled events and project ideas on their website. Or join the growing number of people going meatless on Monday! Whichever way you choose, you’ll be helping make the world a better place for all of us!