The Chew chews on more Meatless dishes

February 13th, 2014

The Chew chews on more Meatless dishesThis past Monday, ABC’s The Chew championed Meatless Monday for a third time, dedicating their September 30th episode to a category of “Mighty Meatless Meals” designed to satisfy even the most ardent meat lovers.

Host Clinton Kelly introduced the segment by enumerating some of the key benefits of going meatless once a week, including a 19% reduced risk of heart disease; a 21% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes; and an average family savings of $600 a year.

Chef Mario Batali claimed that he knew Meatless Monday had gained traction when the National Meat Council sent him a letter denouncing him as “part of the subversive fringe.” But he continued, “I think now they realize it’s not stopping people, it’s suggesting you think about what you eat, that’s all.”

Reality TV star NeNe Leakes and parenting blogger Jeannette Kaplun joined as special guests, contributing their kitchen-savvy to Clinton’s Leek Tart and co-host Daphne Oz’s Pumpkin Corn Fritters. Chef Michael Symon presented his Portobello and Blue Cheese Sandwich, a favorite meatless substitute for his beloved hamburgers.

If you want to cook like a TV chef, try their recipes at home.


Michael Symon’s Portobello Blue Cheese Sandwich


Clinton Kelly’s Leake Tart


Daphne Oz’s Pumpkin Corn Fritters