The Chew Serves Up Second Helpings of Meatless Monday

January 21st, 2013

ABC’s daytime food talk show, The Chew served up a second helping of Meatless Monday on January 14th, with an hour devoted to delicious, vegetarian meals.

Chew stars Daphne Oz, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Mario Batali and Michael Symon dished on the benefits of going meatless and shared recipes that highlight the robust flavors of seasonal produce. Special guest Anthony Bourdain celebrated Meatless Monday (if just for the day!) by helping The Chew Crew create a delicious Pesto Pasta and Braised Leeks. Then, Daphne and Clinton shared their favorite Monday Burger recipes, making a protein-packed lentil patty and a classic mushroom burger with provolone cheese.

“If we didn’t sell this show to you as Meatless Monday, you’d probably never even realize that the meat was missing,” Kelly noted at the start of the episode. “And I think that sort of is the key to Meatless Monday: It’s not about depriving yourself of meat; it’s just about opening yourself up to new things.” Oz agreed, sharing that “the goal here is to get you to enjoy and sample tons of flavorful veggies, tons of flavorful dishes.”

Chefs Mario Batali and Michael Symon have seen the benefits of Meatless Monday for themselves: both support the movement by bringing the campaign into their own homes each week. “We do it because it’s fun, because it changes our diet up a little bit,” said Batali, who has been celebrating Meatless Monday, both in his restaurants and with his family, for three years. “I don’t look at it as necessarily getting rid of something. I look at it as just making a little bit more of a celebration about vegetables.”

The Chew first celebrated Meatless Monday early last year, sharing easy and delicious entrees with nearly 3 million viewers. The hosts’ latest round of recipes offers another taste of how versatile weekly meatless meals can be! To try their dishes for yourself, check out the full episode online at