The City by the Bay Embraces Monday

April 12th, 2010

San Francisco Meatless Monday on ABC 7

San Francisco is known for touting innovative cuisine and healthy lifestyles. This past week, the city by the bay raised the bar in both arenas by becoming the first Meatless Monday city! The resolution passed by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors ensures that residents will gain greater access to healthy, meatless options while learning about the connection between what they eat and their health.

The resolution to make Mondays meatless was introduced by supervisor Sophie Maxwell, who hopes that residents will use this opportunity to make nutritious, sustainable choices. San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors agreed that Meatless Monday is a smart way to start the week, passing the resolution unanimously! According to ABC news, Maxwell’s Meatless Monday declaration will "encourage restaurants, schools and grocery stores to offer plant-based options’.

We’d like to welcome San Francisco to the Meatless Monday movement! Hopefully other cities will follow their lead in encouraging residents to embrace a diverse, healthy diet. Meatless Monday is a simple way to bring awareness and preventative health to any community!