The Colorful Carrot

December 14th, 2009

carrot1Ever wonder why carrots are orange? The carrot’s traditionally bright hue is caused by a high concentration of the essential nutrient Beta-Carotene which, when ingested, is metabolized into Vitamin A. It is proven that a lack of Vitamin A can cause poor vision, but one can easily correct a deficiency through their diet.

carrot2We typically see orange carrots, but they also grow in a variety of colors from red to purple, as well as white and yellow. Often these varieties are seen in Northern Europe, but in the USA scientists have been investigating the carotene-rich purple varieties and their link to cancer prevention.

While the wild carrot does still exist in its place of origin, Afghanistan, the abundance of the world’s carrots today are grown and exported by China. Carrots are available throughout the year, and are a frequent addition to winter soups and stews. The popularity of carrots grew when the "baby carrot’ burst onto the scene in the 1980s and no hors d’oeuvre platter has been lacking the crisp bite size veggie since.

For an innovative sweet and savory snack that your kids will love try out PB & Vitamin A Sandwich. If you are looking for a more traditional starter to serve at your next holiday party see our Carrot Ginger Soup.