The Meatless Movement Multiplies

December 6th, 2010

Since Meatless Monday started as a public health campaign in 2003, we have seen the idea spread through communities and across countries. We took a survey recently to see just how far the movement has traveled. Of those interviewed, 30% had heard of the campaign to cut meat one day a week. What’s more, 16% said that they had reduced or were considering reducing their meat intake after learning about Meatless Monday.

Public knowledge of Meatless Monday has only grown in recent years. Recognition of the campaign has more than doubled since a similar survey in 2008, thanks in part to the support of colleges, celebrity chefs, authors and environmental leaders. Meatless Monday’s success also stems from its simplicity: its easy for anyone to make small, positive changes at the start of their week!

As the campaign continues to spread around the world, we hope even more people will see that making healthier choices can be both simple and fun with the help of Meatless Monday. If you haven’t already, be sure to share the power of Monday with your friends and loved ones this week!