Meatless Goes Mainstream in Cali

August 10th, 2009

veggie_grill_interiorWe’re delighted to introduce a brand new series spotlighting restaurants around the world using innovative ways to offer delicious meatless meals. This Monday we highlight The Veggie Grill, well known in Southern California for serving classic American comfort food. Their menu includes such favorites as BBQ Wings, Chicken Caesar Wraps and Carne Asada. It’s what The Veggie Grill doesn’t serve, however, that makes it stand out. Everything they prepare is completely meat and dairy free.

In a world awash in fast food joints and extravagantly unhealthy eateries, The Veggie Grill signifies a sea change. Here is a restaurant serving comfort food targeted to the widest possible American demographic with no meat or dairy in sight. But how do they do it?

veggie_grill_kale_216pxThe Veggie Grill uses tempeh and veggie protein (a mix of soy, wheat & pea protein) as the base for their meatless meals. Both blends have a meat-like consistency that is easily infused with a variety of marinades and flavors. These mock meats are so close in texture and taste to the real thing that customers don’t even realize they’re eating vegetarian food. According to Kevin Boylan, co-founder of The Veggie Grill, a full 90% of the restaurant’s patrons consume meat on a regular basis! They come in for delicious food that they can feel good about eating.

Walk into one of The Veggie Grill’s three locations and you’ll be greeted with bright, modern décor. Orders are taken at a walk-up counter and delivered quickly to your table. Indeed, the restaurant shatters consumer expectations by offering healthy, plant-based food prepared fast and always delicious.

We love that The Veggie Grill is making meatless meals everyone can enjoy! Their menu is free of cholesterol, trans-fat, animal fat and high fructose corn syrup. We believe they’re operating at the vanguard, helping to reshape the face of fast food – signaling a shift we hope will gain momentum across the country. If you’re lucky enough to live in Southern California, we encourage you to try The Veggie Grill this Monday. If not, you can make similar mock meat dishes at home. Our very own Tempeh Chicken Salad is surprisingly meaty. Plus, our Garbanzo Bean Burger is sure to trick your taste buds!