“Veggie Teens” A Family Affair

October 19th, 2009

Elyse MayWhen your mom’s a doctor and your dad’s a spa chef, what’s a meatless tween to do? Well in the case of then-12 year old Elyse May, she packaged her knowledge and wrote a teen’s meatless cookbook. Initially a junior high school project, Veggie Teens: A Cookbook and Guide for Vegetarian Teenagers grew to an award-winning, nationally published cookbook that has since spun off to a popular Veggie Teens blog. Elyse shares her unique perspective on veggie topics ranging from meatless cooking to home grown food to plant based nutrition — all at the ripe age of 14.

grab_veggie_teens"Just because we don’t like to eat animals doesn’t mean we don’t like to eat,’ Elyse writes about her family’s passion for meatless meals. Veggie Teens blog can serve as an excellent guide for those unfamiliar with just how many ways you can go meatless. Elyse profiles veganism to lacto vegetarianism to ovo vegetarianism – expanding our way of thinking about a plant-based diet.

Elyse’s parents get in the act, often serving as guest writers on the blog. Elyse’s mom, Dr. Michelle May writes a post advising parents on what to do if their child chooses a plant-based diet. Elyse’s dad, Chef Owen May, cooked side-by-side with his daughter to collaborate in creating the Veggie Teens Cookbook recipes. The family even grows their own food together, blogging as their gardening takes them from preparation to planting to harvesting to (our personal favorite) eating their meatless culinary concoctions.

In a recent review, Elyse encourages moderation in the interest of sustaining healthy eating. She gives advice to teens thinking about going meatless, recommending they start small and gradually decrease meat intake while learning about nutrition and meal planning. Elyse, Michelle and Owen offer tips that come from different perspectives, yet they blend together nicely on the Veggie Teens blog  — proof that meatless cooking can be an absolutely delectable family affair!