Wholly Enjoy Healthy Food

January 4th, 2010

Nicola Graimes"Whole Foods’, or natural, unrefined produce, seeds, beans and grains, provide our bodies with essential antioxidants, dietary fiber, and cancer-fighting phytoestrogens. Time and again diets rich in whole foods have been linked to longevity and reduced risk for a multitude of illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis and cataracts. In Cooking With Wholefoods, award winning author Nicola Graimes shows readers how to savor the flavors and benefits of this healthy fare.

Cooking With Whole Foods
Cooking With Wholefoods
By Nicola Graimes
Lorenz Books
224 pgs, December 25, 2009

Nicola Graimes has written over 30 books full of inventive, family-oriented recipes and health information. Cooking With Wholefoods is a wonderful edition to Graimes’ already stellar catalogue, offering the beautiful photography and insight that readers have come to expect. Cooking With Wholefoods provides over 100 vitamin-packed recipes that everyone will enjoy, including healthier versions of family favorites like pizza, wraps and pies. Graimes also includes visual guides to a plethora of whole foods, complete with nutritional profiles and a list of health benefits for each.

Cooking With Wholefoods is a complete package, offering readers the information and meal inspiration they need to begin incorporating more nutritious choices into their diets. Add whole foods like fresh produce or nuts to this week’s Meatless Monday meals to create interesting new dishes while increasing your intake of essential vitamins.