Meatless Monday Community

community_pg_main_graphicHealth departments, local government and advocacy groups have all organized community-wide Meatless Monday programs to promote healthier living and reduced environmental impact.

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“If we do it one plate at time, one meal, one day, we are ratcheting down the impact on our environment. We start with one day a week and then, who knows, maybe we can change our habits for a lifetime.”

 — Ed Reyes, Los Angeles City Councilman

Meatless Monday Gains Momentum in U.S. Communities

In June 2011, when Aspen, CO, became the nation’s first true Meatless Monday community, the move made national news.

L.A. Casts Meatless Monday in Healthy Leading Role

Los Angeles became the largest city in the U.S. to sign a Meatless Monday resolution. The official declaration, unanimously approved by LA’s City Council, announces that the city is embracing Meatless Mondays

Aspen becomes the First MM Community in the U.S.

We’re proud to announce that Aspen, Colorado has become the nation’s first true Meatless Monday Community.

Escambia County Health Dept. Brings MM to 310,000

Escambia County, Florida – a town of over 310,000 – is the newest Meatless Monday community to benefit from having weekly recipes and resources for better health.