Meatless Monday in the News

“Going without meat on Mondays isn’t a round-about way of promoting a vegetarian diet. Rather, it’s a campaign designed to encourage meat-eaters to be more aware of their health, for instance, less saturated fat is better for one’s heart.”

- Louise on Farm to Table

“We can gradually improve the quality of the food we eat, the fuel we put in our tank. Our hope is that we can achieve this together, by making more space on the plate for vegetables, one Monday at a time!”

- Chris Elam on Gotham Schools

“If everyone in San Francisco observed Meatless Monday, the result would be the same as removing 123,000 cars from the street per year (which would be great for traffic).”

- Jimmy Orr in the LA Times

“The major research report found the mass production of meat creates “notable negative impact on human health, the environment and the global economy.”

- Cayte Grieve on

“Meatless Mondays is an idea that isn’t borne out of vegetarianism. It’s meant to help people discover the importance of plants in the human diet. Nutrients in plants are very helpful in combating and preventing chronic diseases. Try it once a week and feel the difference.”

- Blogger on

“It’s great to call awareness to dietary concerns, and the whole interplay between one’s dietary choices and the environment, and if it brings a couple more people in on Monday nights, great.”

- Chef Eric Tucker for SF Weekly

“If Meatless Monday hasn’t come your way yet, it may not be too long before you start wondering, “where’s the beef?” The national campaign gained traction when the Baltimore Public School System offered vegetarian options to students on Mondays. More and more institutions, organizations, media companies and celebrities have since vowed to eat no meat on Monday.”

- Katie Leavitt for Tonic

“Four other UC schools Berkeley, Davis, Santa Barbara and San Diegohave adopted Meatless Monday, a movement sponsored by a non-profit of the same name that advocates for cutting meat out one day a week.”

- Elizabeth Limbach for Good Times

“One U.S. city has made a bold move by declaring “Meatless Mondays” in the name of health and the environment. City residents are encouraged not to eat meat on this day of the week and restaurants are encouraged to offer more vegetarian fare.”

- Sara Jio for Glamour Health & Fitness

“Though meatlessness in Ghent once a week is encouraged rather than required, the policy has made vegetarianism pervasive: 95% of the city’s children at 35 local schools, as well as the city’s elected councillors and civil servants, embrace the Veggiedag menu each week.”

- Katie Engelhart on

“It’s a great way to reach out to people who might not be ready to consider going completely vegetarian but who are interested in healthy eating.”

- David Alexander in The Toronto Star

“Every month we incorporate new best practices that are novel at first, then become an expectation. Meatless Mondays  novel at first, but now everybody goes “oh, Monday, meatless.”

- Tony Geraci in