Meatless Monday in the News

“Readers might want to try going meatless one day a week. I’ve found a Web site that can help,, with lots of ideas for great healthful meals.”

- Candace Hammond in Cape Code Times

“Meatless Monday, a global initiative to reduce meat consumption to improve both the health of individuals and the planet, is recognized as a day to enjoy garden varietals.”

- Health Editor at The Independent

“I feel strongly that all schools in America need better food curriculum. Meatless Mondays caught my eye. The idea is that offering food that is lower in saturated fat once a week will force students to try new fruits, vegetables, and grains that they may grow to like.”

- Editor of the Food Policy Alliance newletter

“I haven’t heard of the international movement Meatless Monday being introduced here, but it should be. My grandmother used to tell me meat wasn’t eaten as much in her day as it is now in Jamaica. Obesity is on the rise and many lifestyle diseases accompany it.”

- Juicy Chef at Jamaica Observer

“If you can’t give up meat full time, consider going meatless once a week,” says Kerrie Saunders, PhD. “Every change matters. The better someone feels, the more likely they are to take the next step forward.”

- Dr. Kerrie Saunders on Detroit Free Press

“In Baltimore, the whole public school system has gone meatless on Mondays – something Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer would like to see adopted in New York City.”

- Lindsey Christ for NY1

“Veg-heads and veggie supporters can head to Meatless Monday for a bevy of meat-free recipes from breakfast (hello, baked sweet potato pancakes) to dinner and snacks in between.”

- Umbra Fisk on Grist

“Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer, says the goal is not to promote vegetarianism or ban meat eating altogether, it’s a way to encourage kids to eat less meat and more vegetables.”

- Amanda M. Fairbanks at GOOD Magazine

“Meatless Monday meals cost about 20 cents less than lunches with meat, leaving school food directors more to spend on better local and fresh ingredients the rest of the week.”

- Bao Ong in The New York Times

“If you want to cut back on cholesterol and saturated fat, even an occasional vegetarian meal can help you meet your goals.”

- Charlotte Suttan in

“The NYC DOE SchoolFood office should institute “Meatless Mondays,’ a public health awareness initiative launched by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.”

- Aileen Gallagher in New York Magazine

“The aim of the program isn’t to eliminate meat or promote vegetarianismit’s about being healthy. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer says meatless meals are generally lower in saturated fat, which is important since one in five NY kindergarten students is considered obese.”

- Sabrina Jaszi in Gothamist