Meatless Monday in the News

“There are some folks who encourage you to go healthy for Mardi Gras. Meatless Monday points out that Carnival means “farewell to meat” and suggests you bid one with “delicious meatless options.”

- Roy Edroso in The Village Voice

“We’re always looking for a new bandwagon to hop on, and our latest is Meatless Monday. This is a nationwide movement to get folks to take one day a week off from eating meat.”

- Wo Fat in the Summit Daily News

“Environmentalists such as pop star Paul McCartney have called for Meatless Mondays, in which people lower their carbon footprint by going vegetarian at least one day a week.”

- Wendy Koch in USA Today

“Many people believe they cannot change their diet, that it will be too difficult. If that’s you, start with one day a week. Try holding a “meatless Monday.”

- (based in South Africa)

“If you simply can’t imagine not giving something up for the new year, be realistic and thoughtful about it. Consider Michael Pollan’s suggestion: one meatless day a week.”

- Laurel Gladden in Santa Fe New Mexican

“This is a bold move for a Southern-born-and-raised cook. I plan my meals by first determining the meat, then adding the sides. This resolution will require me to change my whole way of thinking.”

- Teri Bell in Savannah Now

“Sixty-two years later, the popular Meatless Monday campaign acknowledges Mr. Truman’s experiment but not its outcome. Could voluntary meat abstention on a national scale work this time around”

- Michele Humes in The New York Times

“Meat buffs across the country are crying fowl at this ‘attack’ on their way of life, with facetious quips such as, ‘If we aren’t supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?’ But the school district, first in the country to introduce the system, has earned high praise from progressives for its effort to teach children about ‘their health and the health of their planet.”

- Editors of The Times of India

“ABC News reported the Meatless Monday campaign in Baltimore’s schools has been a great success. Only a meathead – or a meat-industry shill –  would brand this modest attempt to serve our kids healthier entrées and raise awareness about the environmental impact of our food choices as some kind of insidious conspiracy.”

- Kerry Trueman on AlterNet

“Vegetarianism and Veganism too much to ask of your meat-loving family? Meatless Monday is a nonprofit with a mission to reduce meat consumption by 15% (one day a week) in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet.”

- Editors of PLAYGROUND

“Calverton middle school in West Baltimore has embraced Meatless Monday as an opportunity to teach kids about health and nutrition. In the science and health classes, teachers are talking about Meatless Monday in relation to the food pyramid.”

- Eliza Barclay in The Atlantic

“…the Baltimore Public Schools’ meatless Monday move is a great idea!”

- Matthew Wheeland on Reuters