Meatless Monday in the News

“Meatless Monday is not about becoming a vegetarian one day per week. It is about cutting saturated fat on that particular day by eliminating its major food sources, which will hopefully perpetuate a healthy message for the remainder of the week.”

- Dina Aronson MS RD, in Today's Dietitian

“Go meatless on Monday: even just one day a week makes a difference.”

- Matthew McDermott on Treehugger

“Scientists estimate that if every American lowered meat consumption by just 20% it would lower greenhouse gasses as much as if everyone in the country switched to driving Toyota Priuses (and think how much cheaper and easier eating less meat is).”

- Trystan L. Bass on Yahoo Green

“Meatless Monday has just released a video about the astonishing and rather surprising effect we can have on this planet by making one day a week  a meatless day.”

- Maggie LaBarbara, dietician & founder of Nourishing Thoughts Blog

“Foregoing meat once a week is actually a sound idea. And while some health goals take work, this one is painless. At least once this week, think chickpeas instead of chicken, bean stew instead of beef steak and spaghetti sans meatballs.”

- Claudia Zapata in San Antonio Express

“Going vegetarianism one day a week is a good beginning’once someone realizes how good vegetarian dishes can be, they are more likely to eat them. It’s not about deprivation, but rather celebration.”

- Dr Andrew Weil, Founder, Program Director, Interactive Medicine, University of Arizona, in Arizona Republic

“Meatless Monday benefits our nation’s health, economy, and environment. The recipes chosen will convince you that deprivation is not part of the Meatless Monday program.”

- Barb Randall in the Lake Oswego Review