Meatless Monday in the News

“While one’s health and the environment are substantial reasons, the third and most inspiring reason I chose to go meatless on Mondays was so I’d be forced to get creative with vegetarian recipes… This was going to be a great opportunity to highlight grains, beans, and the amazing produce that changes each season. As a result, I have cooked some awesome dishes that I may not have been inclined to make otherwise. Additionally, I’ve found that by starting the week off right, I eat better the rest of the week.”

- Sara MacDonald for SHAPE

“Sid Lerner, 80, gets the credit for reviving [Meatless Monday,] a successful campaign used during both world wars to get people to reduce their consumption of meat to aid the war effort. In 2003, Lerner started pushing the concept to get Americans to take one day off from eating meat; not because of a war, but for their own health. The goal is to help people reduce their meat consumption by 15 percent.”

- Candy Sagon for The Waterloo Region Record

“[Sid] Lerner said the promotion is linked to Monday because that’s the day people tend to reset their agendas and make resolutions. ‘Monday is the behavioral elephant in the room that we haven’t been taking advantage of. Research shows more people stop smoking, go to the gym or start dieting on that day. Monday is like the January of the week. It’s the day all health breaks loose.’”

- James T. Mulder for The Post-Standard

“Meatless Mondays is a dead–simple strategy. Anyone can do it, and it doesn’t require major sacrifice. Even if you eat a typical American diet replete with processed, junk and fast food the other six days of the week, going meatless on Mondays will still cut your carbon footprint, improve your health and reduce demand for factory-farm meat.”

- Mark Bittman for More Magazine

“Sodexo, which now offers Meatless Monday to nearly 3,000 of its hospital, government and corporate clients, has also made a commitment to ‘source local, seasonal or sustainably grown or raised products in all the countries where we operate by 2015.’”

- Inside Higher Ed

“‘Friday is pay day, Saturday is play day, Sunday is pray day,’ Lerner says, naturally rolling into the smooth rhythm of a practiced pitch. ‘Monday is health day’… Mondays are magic. And Sid Lerner’s determined to own Monday, slather it with soy–based dressing, and then get Americans to just try one bite—they might like it.”

- Michael Y. Park for Gourmet

“Under Woodrow Wilson’s watch during World War I, Americans were asked to conserve resources with Meatless Mondays and Wheatless Wednesdays… ‘When our country was involved in war, it meant shortages and sacrifices back here at home,’ Kamps says. ‘The whole country was really involved in the war effort in that sense.’ Food and national security felt closely connected to each other.”

- on Food and American Identity

“The mainstream adoption of semi-vegetarianism isn’t entirely new. Meatless Monday, a current campaign that encourages people to “cut out meat one day a week” for health and environmental benefits, first happened during the First and Second World Wars when North Americans were asked to give up some of their staple foods to aid the war effort, according to The movement gained traction again when the U.S. Meatless Monday campaign was launched in 2003; it’s since spread around the globe.”

- Valerie Berenyi for Canada’s Calgary Herald

“You might want to change your Monday menus. Doctors and nutritionists say giving up meat once a week can make you healthier… ‘I love it. I think it’s a great idea,’ said Toby Morris, a Registered Dietitian… ‘Plant based foods tend to be higher in fiber than animal proteins. They tend to be much higher in antioxidants and perhaps lower in some of the carcinogens that we know to be present in meats.’”

- CBS Philadelphia

“Create a personal goal for how many meatless meals you want to eat. Reed [Mangels, Ph.D., R.D., nutrition advisor] suggests starting out slowly, with one completely plant-based dinner per week. The Meatless Monday Website, filled with tips and recipes, is a great way to get started.”

- Sharon Palmer for The Chicago Tribune

“Then there are the ‘Meatless Monday’ folks who go without meat at least one day out of seven. The national campaign… is an effort to get us to think about regularly satisfying our protein needs with plants, which tax the environment less than animals. Chef Mario Batali, a seemingly unlikely proponent, has gotten on board, as have thousands of other people. Rather than vegetarian, you might call these people ‘conscientious eaters.’”

- Janet K. Keeler for the St. Petersburg Times,

“’Every Monday, I abstain from meat. I eat a pretty plant-based diet anyway, which stems from meatless Monday – just giving it up that one day a week. When I started reading about the environmental impact that it had to give up meat for one day a week – it’s so incredible what just one day can do. And for your health, and it’s a way of resetting your week. It’s a good way to start off on a Monday, eating healthy.’”

- Katie Lee for OK! Magazine