Meatless Monday in the News

“The more I quietly observe, the more I realize that there’s something daunting about the way we eat and the lethal effect it is having on our lives. What do we do about it then? This week, I’m proposing an idea: Meatless Monday and the motto, “One day a week, cut out meat”… It’s about time we build on our traditions and incorporate them with the new. Start with yourself and convince your family and friends.”

- Sarah Khanna for The Daily News Egypt

“Eating lighter, especially during summer months, is a definite trend for 2011. More Americans will be getting on board with the Meatless Monday initiative that encourages consumers to reduce their meat consumption by 15 percent. Reducing meat consumption can lead to better health for you and a better environment for all, proponents say. Plus, light salads and vegetarian dishes make for ideal warm-weather fare.”

- KPVI News 6- NBC

“You can flex your vegetarian muscles just one day a week with Meatless Monday, a public awareness campaign created in 2003 by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for a Livable Future. Their goal is simple: help Americans reduce their risk of preventable disease by cutting back saturated fat.”

- Suzanne Boothby for EmpowHer

“Sodexo now offers the Meatless Monday program to more than 2,000 of its clients following a successful pilot program at more than 900 hospitals across the U.S. ‘The response has been very positive,’ said Tracey Riddle, Sodexo’s general manager at Toyota’s North American headquarters in Torrance, Calif. ‘The first week we ran it, we had people taking pictures of the sign.’”

- Tilde Herrera for

“Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is a supporter. So is Olivia Wilde, star of the new Tron movie and FOX’s hit series House. And more people, organisations and establishments are getting on the meatless bandwagon under the banner of Meatless Monday, an international campaign that encourages people to drop meat from their plates on Mondays.”

- Aida Ahmad for The Star, Malaysia

“Producing a single pound of beef requires between 1,800 and 2,500 gallons of water, according to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which helped establish the Meatless Monday campaign.”

- Allecia Vermillion for

“Longer term, my hope is that we’ll see increasing numbers of people recognizing the secular benefits… of relaxed food-related self-discipline, represented by flexitarianism, by the Meatless Monday campaign, and by my own (perhaps badly named) crusade for ‘less-meatarianism’, all of which can have positive effects on the environment, on our personal health and on world hunger.”

- Mark Bittman for The NY Times

“National Executive Chef for Sodexo Healthcare Dave Willard notes that ‘Meatless Monday is an idea that says, if you want to make choices to live healthier and also help the planet, choose not to eat meat one day a week. Let’s do that on Monday. Monday’s a great day to try something new.'”

- Anita Brikman for News Now, WUSA9

“As a restaurant with a variety of vegetarian offerings, Moe’s is a proud supporter of the Meatless Monday campaign. We have noticed that our meatless items attract vegetarian and ‘flexitarian’ [people who eat a meat-free diet most of the time] fans alike who want to eat healthier while reducing their carbon footprint.”

- Paul Damico - President of Moe's Southwest Grill

“Since beginning Meatless Monday, I’m amazed at how the absence of meat one day a week really shapes the way I eat the remaining six days. I am less interested in processed foods and appreciate the beauty in fresh ingredients. I’m also thrilled at the excitement I find in planning, shopping and preparing my family’s Monday meals.”

- Beth for Chicago Now blogs

“Meatless Monday [is] a broad-based, grassroots movement that spans all borders and demographic groups. ‘Cutting out meat one time per week’, it says, ‘can improve health, shrink our carbon footprint and help reduce global climate change’.”

- Julie Curtis for The Daily Fairfield

“From an adoption standpoint, Meatless Monday is doing pretty well. From a buzz standpoint, however, it’s exploded, especially over the past year… On Twitter, interest in Meatless Monday has also grown over the past year. Users tweet recipes of meat-free meals, share photos and swap strategies for getting kids involved. It’s even got its own hashtag, #meatlessmonday.”

- From