Meatless Monday in the News

“According to Sodexo’s press release, the company will be ‘promoting and adding the option of a plant-based entree to its menus each week’… Sodexo’s commitment to a weekly veggie cuisine is being touted as ‘part of its ongoing efforts to promote health and wellness.’ The company may also have its sights set on cutting down bottom line expenditures—meat costs money, after all—but why quibble when going flesh-free is so good for everybody?”

- Megan Bedard for Take Part

“‘Meatless’ is not just the new vegetarian: it’s bigger than that. Meatless Monday—a campaign launched in 2003 in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, with the mission of getting Americans to cut their intake of saturated fat by 15 percent—has taken off.”

- Lisa Gosselin, Editor-in-Chief of Eating Well

“Celebrity chef and Meatless Monday booster Mario Batali publicly resolved to make and eat dinner with his kids, and “master more vegetarian dishes, like simple bruschetta, that are fun to cook as a team.” By January 3rd, the Wall Street Journal aided George Ball, chairman of the W. Atlee Burpee Co. in dubbing it yea and verily to be the Year of the Vegetable.”

- Eatocracy on CNN

“Now global as a result of the Internet, the Meatless Monday movement is influencing millions and has been embraced by top chefs, authors, health advocacy organizations, and business and consumer groups.”

- Kay Stepkin for The Chicago Tribune

“Why should you consider going meatless at least one day a week? Well, one 2010 study found that cutting back on meat can help you maintain a healthy weight. And, don’t worry, going meatless doesn’t mean you have to eat like a rabbit. There are plenty of delicious, indulgent vegetarian recipes.”

- Jenny Everett on Yahoo! Shine

“For better health – not just weight and fat loss – and an enhanced environment, the three carnivores in my home will start each week with meatless meals. Compared to other ‘diets,’ the plan is neither extreme nor hard to pull off.”

- Joyce Gemperlein for The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Less meat, more vegetables’ is a mantra spreading across the country, much to the delight of vegetarians who want to see more than one option for them on any given menu… TV chef and restaurateur Mario Batali is getting in on it, introducing Meatless Mondays to his 14 restaurants.”

- Amanda Marcotte for The Guardian

“Meatless Monday is not about turning us all into vegetarians, but reducing our meat consumption by about 15 percent. The strategy is simple: go meatless for one day every week… The campaign has been endorsed by more than 20 schools of public health, including Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia and Harvard; and celebrities like Texan Lance Armstrong, race car driver Leilani Munter and Chef Mario Batali.”

- Rashda Kahn for Go San Angelo

“We believe in the adage ‘everything in moderation’, which is why we like the idea of Meatless Monday, a movement that has been quietly growing since 2003, appealing to authors, nutritionists, filmmakers, health professionals, athletes, environmentalists, public school administrators, cities, chefs and every parent trying to make healthy food choices for their families.”

- Carol Blonder for Phoenix New Times Blogs

“Not only does the Meatless Mondays campaign appeal to vegetarian customers, but it also gives those diners who hit the junk food hard during the weekend a healthy reprieve… The Meatless Monday campaign is even generating buzz on the Internet among bloggers. The hype, [Tender Greens] says, has been very positive, resulting in some “killer Mondays” since the program began in the middle of August.”

- Industry News from QSR

“Much of today’s diet consists of processed and fatty meats, along with other unhealthy habits, that are aiding many of the health disparities today. Elam says that Meatless Mondays is not about being a vegetarian or vegan but instead urges people to think outside of their ‘icebox’ by simply cutting back meat one day a week. ‘This is a campaign of moderation,’ added Elam. ‘You don’t have to eat like a rabbit either. There are many delicious ways to eat healthy.'”

- Jessica Williams-Gibson for the Indianapolis Recorder

“The Meatless Monday movement — a grassroots campaign to reduce meat consumption by 15 percent — gained some serious steam this year, with famous chefs like Mario Batali jumping on board. Batali has added two vegetarian meals to the Monday menu at ALL 14 of his restaurants.”

- Jenny Everett for SELF Magazine