Who's Going Meatless?

If you’ve taken the Meatless Monday pledge to eat vegetarian or go meat free once a week, you’re in good company. Here are some of the folks who share your commitment to better health and a healthier planet. If you’re advancing the Meatless Monday movement, let us know.


Michael Symon

Celebrity chef Michael Symon is best known for his meat-laden dishes, but the versatile, health-conscious cook is showing his lighter side by starting the week with Meatless Monday meals.


    Ming Tsai

    Ming Tsai, Chef, Author and Owner of Blue Ginger in Boston reminds Wine Enthusiast readers that they don’t have to sacrifice flavor in order to go Meatless Monday.


      Mitzi Dulan

      Author, nutrition expert and popular media personality, Mitzi Dulan, tells us why she supports going meatless on Monday.


        Nicolette Hahn Niman

        It may seem surprising that a rancher would advocate going meatless, but Nicolette explains that less meat means better meat in the long run.


          Olivia Wilde

          Star of the new Tron movie and FOX’s hit series House, actress Olivia Wilde advises us all to try a Meatless Monday, noting that “its healthier for you, healthier for the planet”.



            Media mogul Oprah Winfrey announced that Harpo studios will now offer Meatless Monday meal options and encouraged her audience to give the campaign a try.


              Padma Lakshmi

              Cookbook author, actress, model and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi told Hollyscoop that she has embraced Meatless Monday as part of her personal effort to eat clean, healthy foods.


                Philippe Cousteau

                Eco activist Philippe Cousteau goes MM and supports the movement with his online educational resources.


                  Polly Campbell

                  The long-time Cincinnati restaurant critic is now celebrating Meatless Monday each week with her readers.


                    Richard Greene

                    HOLLYWOOD! CLOUT with Richard Greene
                    Popular radio personality Richard Greene hosts a weekly Meatless Monday segment on Air America.


                      Rob Dalzell

                      Executive Chef Rob Dalzell of The Ranch at Live Oak, Malibu, CA, advocates for limiting meat consumption and provides recipes and tips to make the transition delicious.


                        Robin Roberts

                        Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts has a 3:45 a.m. start to
                        her Meatless Monday!


                          Mario Batali

                          Celebrity chef, the King of Pancetta, Mario Batali, adopts Meatless Monday in all 14 of his restaurants around the country.


                            Marie Oser, host of VegTV

                            Best-selling author and host of VegTV, Marie Oser, talks up Meatless Monday on Yahoo Green.


                              Katie Lee

                              Cooking star Katie Lee champions Meatless Monday and offers a meatless recipe on her Twitter every Monday!


                                Michael Natkin

                                Serious Eats columnist Michael Natkin supports the Meatless Monday movement and offers hundreds of meatless recipes at Herbivoracious.com.


                                  Simon Cowell

                                  The man, and the myth, behind American Idol gives up meat one day a week.


                                    Former Chef

                                    Former Chef
                                    Restaurant biz expert Kristina shares her Meatless Monday meal ideas on FormerChef.com.


                                      Yoko Ono

                                      Yoko is followed by over 700,000 people on Twitter, and every Monday they get this message: “Give up meat one day and then two days maybe. It’s a very, very intelligent idea.”


                                        Kate Moss

                                        Modeling sensation and business mogul Kate Moss has joined fashion icon Stella McCartney in celebrating Meat Free Mondays.


                                          Gwyneth Paltrow

                                          Gwyneth’s popular blog, GOOP, introduces her readers to a Meatless Monday with a little help from her friend, Sir Paul McCartney.


                                            Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

                                            The mayor of Los Angeles is going meatless on Monday for his personal health, and has announced, “I’m eating healthier and eating less, including meatless Mondays.”


                                              Polly Campbell

                                              The long-time Cincinnati restaurant critic is now celebrating Meatless Monday each week with her readers.


                                                Al Gore

                                                Climate change guru Al Gore made this statement before the EU Parliament: “Meatless Mondays is a responsible and welcome component to a strategy for reducing global warming pollution and simultaneously improving human health.”