April 25th, 2016

Fight Deforestation With Your Fork


Simple truth: As the world population explodes and the demand for meat grows, more and more rainforest will be destroyed. But it’s not out of our hands. Read More

The Super Power in Meatless Mondays


Dining on healthy meatless dishes one day a week is a super-powerful way to save energy and help the planet. Read More

Dinner Recipe of the Week

Spoon University

Spoon University is serving up 21 delicious meatless meals that ANYONE can make. Are you up for the challenge?

Food MonsterLooking for your next Meatless Monday meal? There’s an app for that. One Green Planet’s new Food Monster app features over 5,000 vegan, meatless, and dairy-free recipes.

ChefChef John Fraser brought Meatless Monday to Dovetail… and now he’s bringing a meatless restaurant to Union Square!

SushiThink sushi needs fish? Then you haven’t seen this Meatless Monday Save The Tuna sushi!