Meatless Monday Reviews

Macca’s Meatless Monday

tile_kos_81x54Eating good food and listening to great music are two of life’s simple pleasures. The blog diary Macca’s Meatless Monday hosted on powerhouse Daily Kos combines the two in ways as clever as they are uplifting!

Analyze Your Nutrition in an Instant

logo_nutrition_126pxSometimes you come across a website name that says it all: simple, direct, powerful. Conde Nast’s NutritionData does just that: providing you the info you need to make informed nutrition choices

In Defense of Real Food

pollan_in_defense_coverVitamin-enriched Diet Coke, bread infused with Omega-3 fatty acids- you’d think we were getting our fair share of vital nutrients. But Michael Pollan in his best-selling book "In Defense of Food” – out now in paperback – offers a very different perspective

Open Your Eyes With “Food, Inc.”

food_incThe producers of the new film "Food, Inc.” opening this week have chosen 10 things we can all do to change our food system. #5 is: Meatless Mondays…Go without meat one day a week

#1 Recipe Site Introduces Meatless

epicuriousEpicurious, the world’s premiere recipe site, has teamed up with NutritionData, the top nutritional analysis website, to offer weekly meatless recipes every Monday

Un-Stuff America by Cutting Calories

Stuffed - by Hank CardelloThe findings in Hank Cardello’s new book stuffed, are at times controversial. But his solution is simple: focus on the numbers. Cut your calories. As he says, don’t supersize, zero size

Slow Food Shifts Into High Gear

Slow Food USA logoOnce the work week gets underway, it seems that sitting down to a civilized meal becomes all but impossible for most of us. Slow Food USA is determined to reverse this trend

Lean Into Quantum Wellness

book cover - Quantum Wellness by Kathy FrestonNew York Times best-selling author Kathy Freston has a new book, The Quantum Wellness Cleanse, outlining her 21-day cleansing routine. But it’s her earlier work, Quantum Wellness, that gets to the heart of why we should all go meatless on Monday

Teens Animated By Climate Education

Alliance of Climate EducationAmerican teenagers live a fast paced life surrounded by modern technology. The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) explains the environmental dangers of this lifestyle by performing entertaining high school assemblies

Edible Aria Makes Food Sing

Edible Aria graphicWriters of all stripes are using blogging to spread the word about Meatless Monday. One of our favorites is Edible Aria, a recipe and news blog that advocates sustainable eating.

Dr. Kessler Takes On Overeating

David KesslerDr. David Kessler — a Harvard educated pediatrician and former head of the FDA — found himself incapable of controlling his longing for chocolate chip cookies. His struggle served as the inspiration for the best-selling book, The End of Overeating.

Meatless Goes Mainstream in Cali

We’re delighted to introduce a brand new series spotlighting restaurants around the world using innovative ways to offer delicious meatless meals. This Monday we highlight California’s The Veggie Grill