Meatless Monday Book Reviews

Food Rules in Perfect Portions

Michael PollanAcclaimed author and food activist Michael Pollan invited us to simplify our diet when he coined the phrase “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”. In his newest book, Food Rules, Pollan turns this advice into 64 bite-sized tips that encourage us to embrace traditional attitudes towards diet and dining

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!

Alfred Sommer“Saving lives millions at a time” is the slogan the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University adopted during Dr. Al Sommer’s years as Dean there. Now, his new thought-provoking book says we can also save billions of dollars through preventive medicine

Break the Restaurant Chain

Cook This, Not ThatCook This, Not That empowers consumers in the kitchen by providing recipes for healthier versions of chain restaurant staples. Whip up these low-fat versions of your favorite comfort foods this Monday

Add Flexibility to Your Diet

Flexitarian CookbookThe Flexitarian Cookbook is more than a pile of recipes. Most of the dishes in the collection do double duty, working just as well with or without meat. Not only is The Flexitarian Cookbook a wonderful way to add some dishes to your Meatless Monday repertoire, it’s also a simple way to help a good cause