Meatless Monday Reviews

Who Will Be Tomorrow’s Julia Child?

Julia Child on TIMEJulia Child set the stage for a revolution in home cooking with her groundbreaking show The French Chef. But it’s the Internet and not television that is transforming cooking instruction!

Go Flexitarian For Your Health

The Flexitarian Diet by Dawn Jackson BlatnerDawn Jackson Blanter’s book, The Flexitarian Diet, encourages healthier, meatless meals without asking us to sacrifice our favorite foods.

No Impact Man Makes A Splash!

No Imact ManNo Impact Man goes meatless in making that rarest of things: a funny, feel-good environmental documentary

Microblogging Goes Meatless

twittering eco-changePeople are using digital resources to discuss greener living and join the Meatless Monday movement! Check out some of our favorite microbloggers for weekly tips on making more sustainable choices

Just (Choose Sustainable) Food

Just Food by James E. McWilliamsIn Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong And How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly, author James McWilliams argues that we must make sustainable food choices. He also insists that buying local is simply not enough

Tribeca’s Yummy Mummy

Tribeca's Yummy MummyCatherine is a New York City foodie, entrepreneur and parent. Her kids have inspired her to create Tribeca Yummy Mummy; a blog full of recipes that are sure to please adults and children alike

Film Offers Fuel For Thought

FUELJosh Tickell is the driver of “The Veggie Van”, which travels the nation using little more than vegetable oil for fuel. Recently, Josh made his way of life the basis for the feature film Fuel

A Recipe For Conscious Cuisine

The Conscious CookDespite his love of steak, renowned chef Tal Ronnen switched to a plant-based diet. But he quickly realized he craved the meat-like consistencies he enjoyed as a carnivore. Ronnen uses this tension as the inspiration for his new cookbook, The Conscious Cook

The Legacy of Gourmet

Gourmet Magazine (Mexico)As we opened the October 2009 issue of Gourmet magazine, an impossibly good coupon fell in our lap. Sadly, it wasn’t an epicurean deal of a lifetime, but a plea from a luxury-oriented print mag. struggling in a market saturated with free online cooking resources

“Veggie Teens” A Family Affair

Elyse MayWhen your mom’s a doctor and your dad’s a spa chef, what’s a meatless tween to do? In the case of 12-year old Elyse May, she packaged her knowledge and wrote an award-winning teens meatless cookbook and launched a popular nutrition blog!

The Chili Bible

chili bowlAs Sid Lerner, Chairman of The Monday Campaigns, says, "if you think chili needs meat, you don’t know beans! Meatless chili comes in a variety of flavors and is a great source of protein. The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook by Robin Robertson offers 80 unique, hearty recipes that are both nutritious and satisfying

A Food Blogger’s Best Friend

FoodistaIn an ever-changing world of new cooking techniques, cuisines and gadgets, how’s a foodie to keep up with it all? Constantly evolving and user-fueled, Foodista is the perfect resource for today’s culinary landscape. That’s why we’re proud Foodista is going meatless every Monday!