Meatless Monday Reviews

APHA Showcases Monday

APHAThe APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition, the premier gathering of public health professionals in the world, takes place all week. The Monday team presented research on “Using Monday as a day to promote and sustain healthy behaviors.” To learn more, download our Healthy Monday presentation (pdf)

Our Top 5 Health Mags

new magazinesThe Internet has made it easier than ever to learn tips on nutrition and better living, but it can be difficult to know where to turn and who to trust. Read up on health this Monday by checking out our recommended health magazines available online or in print

Our Funny Prescription

We couldn’t prescribe a more enjoyable, laugh-inducing de-stressing read for you. Here’s a warm, name-dropping, inside-the-practice memoir from “America’s Doctor” and our FOX News Healthy Monday Tipper, Dr. Rosenfeld.

Sustainable Cyber Monday

Have a sustainable Cyber Monday!The Monday after Thanksgiving is touted as the biggest online shopping day of the year: Cyber Monday. This week, we offer our top 5 recommendations for eco-conscious sites that make holiday shopping just a little greener

Happiness With Every Bite

Eat Your Way to Happiness title graphicThe editor-in-chief of Nutrition Alert Newsletter, Elizabeth Somer, has written a new book, Eat Your Way to Happiness. She offers simple, powerful tips helping you to live brightly and be more energetic – try them this Monday!

Curb Your Killer Sweet Tooth

SugarSuicide_144x227Many of us associate the holiday season with our favorite sweets. In her newest book, Dr. Nancy Appleton argues this may be a deadly connection

Love Food, Eat Mindfully

heart chocolateEat What You Love, Love What You Eat is a simple eating guide for those who love food! Dr. Michelle May takes an honest look at the relationship between eating and mindset. She offers straightforward answers to start your week with a positive mindset

Wholly Enjoy Healthy Food

Cooking With Whole Foods titleplateIn Cooking With Wholefoods, award winning author Nicola Graimes shows readers how to savor the flavors and health benefits of unrefined produce, seeds, beans and grains. Create your own whole food dishes this Monday and boost the nutritional value of your family meals!

Food Rules in Perfect Portions

Michael PollanAcclaimed author and food activist Michael Pollan invited us to simplify our diet when he coined the phrase “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”. In his newest book, Food Rules, Pollan turns this advice into 64 bite-sized tips that encourage us to embrace traditional attitudes towards diet and dining

Sustainable Dinner Party Kit

Sustainable Dinner Party Kit Take one part CSA menu, one part carpool transportation, throw in a screening of The Real Dirt on Farmer John and a gourd for table decoration, and what do you have? The Sustainable Dinner Party Kit!

Meatless Social Networking

facebook and twitterSocial networking sites serve as bridges in the vast sea of cyberspace. Our Facebook and Twitter pages have blossomed in recent months, providing a constant stream of news, resources and discussion

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!

Alfred Sommer“Saving lives millions at a time” is the slogan the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University adopted during Dr. Al Sommer’s years as Dean there. Now, his new thought-provoking book says we can also save billions of dollars through preventive medicine