Meatless Monday Reviews

Gwyneth Goes Meatless

Gwyneth PaltrowActress, activist, rock-star wife and mother of two, Gwyneth Paltrow announces on her website GOOP that she’s joining the Meatless Monday movement!

Chicago: Where the Health?

Chicago NowChicago NOW, the high-profile community hub about all things Chicago, has taken up the Meatless Monday mantle. Persuaded by the many health reasons to go meatless, Chicago NOW has joined the movement

Break the Restaurant Chain

Cook This, Not ThatCook This, Not That empowers consumers in the kitchen by providing recipes for healthier versions of chain restaurant staples. Whip up these low-fat versions of your favorite comfort foods this Monday

More Money Monday

the Fab Frugal Food duoWith its focus on inexpensive yet delectable cuisine, Fab Frugal Food shows us just how delectable plant based meals can be as it goes meatless every Monday

Let’s Move It Monday

Let's Move!Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative encourages everyone to find ways to incorporate physical activity in their weekly routines. What a motivation to Move It each Monday!

Jamie Oliver Revs Up Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver's Food RevolutionIn his award winning series Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver enters Huntington, West Virginia intent on curbing the city’s disease risk by improving health habits. His efforts illustrate that we need nutrition education in our schools– and more kitchen time with our kids at home!

Add Flexibility to Your Diet

Flexitarian CookbookThe Flexitarian Cookbook is more than a pile of recipes. Most of the dishes in the collection do double duty, working just as well with or without meat. Not only is The Flexitarian Cookbook a wonderful way to add some dishes to your Meatless Monday repertoire, it’s also a simple way to help a good cause

The Huffington Post Posts Meatless Monday Feature

HUFFINGTON POST FOODThis past week, The Huffington Post launched its newest section. HuffPost Food investigates everything edible, and we were delighted that they included Meatless Monday!

And Now, The Healthy Part!

Not only is Meatless Monday easy to do, it offers remarkable health benefits! Going meatless just one day a week is a great start to fighting chronic preventable diseases

Blog Offers Style, Health and Meatless Chili for $2 a Serving

ThreadBangerDecor-it Yourself, a video blog from sustainable fashion site Thread Banger, recommends that we improve our health with a Meatless Monday and offers a budget-friendly chili to get us started!

Even Mario Batali’s Doing It! 14 Top US Restaurants Go Meatless Monday

Mario BataliNo stranger to boar sausage, or to a finely braised veal shank, Mario Batali isn’t the first person that comes to mind when you think about vegetables. And that’s what’s so interesting about Batali’s decision to embrace Meatless Monday in all of his 14 restaurants across the country. With this simple gesture, Mario sends the message that we can start the week right by eating our veggies

The Blooming Monday Movement Hits Indiana

BloomingfoodsFor the past 30 years, Bloomingfoods Market & Deli has been feeding Southern Indiana. Aside from the co-op’s isles of fresh, whole food, Bloomingfoods nourishes the community by purchasing from local sources and offering cooking, gardening and health classes. In May the market added another component to their health outreach by committing to a Meatless Monday.