April 16th, 2018

Postmates Celebrates Earth Day with Meatless Monday

On Sunday, April 22 we’ll celebrate the 48th annual Earth Day. It turns out educating ourselves while taking action is the best way to impact positive change, for us and future generations. One of the easiest ways to take action and support the efforts of Earth Day is by practicing Meatless Monday

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Tap into the Power of Plants with Meatless Monday’s Plant Protein Power!

One of the frequent questions posed by people choosing to eat meatless foods on Meatless Monday is “Will they get enough protein?” Indeed, it’s possible to easily get a full day’s protein without eating meat, and plant-based protein is an excellent choice. Meatless Monday is thrilled to announce its Plant Protein Power package, which outlines how easy and healthy it is to choose plant proteins!

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Dinner Recipe of the Week

70% Ditching Meat

70% of the World’s Population is Ditching Meat, Says New ReportForbes notes that the movement “appears to be bigger than any one generation.”


New WWF Report Says a Vegan Diet can Significantly Lower Our Carbon FootprintA new report released by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) concluded food choices are a central factor in global warming.


Cut the (Animal) FatA new American Heart Association study shows ditching animal fats for plant-based fats reduces the risk of heart disease and premature death


TGI Fridays Launches Vegan Menu Items Across UK RestaurantsTGI Fridays has been making headlines recently with the launch of the vegan Beyond Burger patty and a Meatless Monday promotion in U.S. locations. Now, it’s bringing an entirely new range of vegan menu options to its UK locations.

Carbon Tax

The Case for a Carbon Tax on BeefA team of French scientists believe a carbon tax on beef could help the European Union meet climate change targets.