Meatless Monday Articles

Our Top 10 Favorite Bean Recipes

April 6th, 2020

Beans are the pillars of the pantry; they’re easy to prepare, packed with plant-based protein and a host of other vitamins and minerals, versatile, flavorful, and adaptable.

Inexpensive Plant-Based Ingredients That Won’t Go Bad

March 30th, 2020

Every food item will eventually go bad, but there are many food staples that offer a terrific value, can be prepared in big batches, and have an incredibly long shelf-life

The Inexpensive Pantry Staple That Makes Everything Taste Better

March 23rd, 2020

Peanut butter is everything: savory and sweet, fatty and salty, crunchy and creamy. Its uses are truly endless, serving as the basis of stews, sauces, chilis, chutneys, and, of course, desserts.

Classic St. Patrick’s Day Dishes Made Plant-based

March 16th, 2020

These iconic dishes can be made completly plant-based: shepherd’s pie, soda bread, braised cabbage, potatoes colcannon, corned beef, etc

Boosting Your Immune System with Plant-Forward Eating

March 10th, 2020

Besides washing your hands and staying home if you’re sick, there’s a lot you can do from a nutrition standpoint to boost your immune system 

Here’s How You Can Use Tofu to Recreate Your Favorite Comfort Foods

March 9th, 2020

This Monday, experiment with tofu by incorporating this versatile ingredient into some of your favorite classic comfort foods.

Pile on the Protein with These 10 Plant-Based Foods

March 1st, 2020

This Monday, kick-start a healthy week with delicious high-protein, plant-based foods. Try these nutritious protein sources

Celebrate Healthy-Fat Tuesday by Adding These 8 Plant-Based Ingredients to Your Meatless Monday Menu

February 24th, 2020

This week, in honor of Mardi Gras, we’re celebrating Healthy-Fat Tuesday with a list of foods and ingredients rich in healthy fats

Not Having these 10 Spices in Your Cupboard is a Disservice to Your Taste Buds

February 17th, 2020

You can breathe new life into your meals with the addition of a few key seasonings and spice blends. We’ve got the 10 spices that you need to add to your spice rack.

Meatless Monday Celebrates Chinese New Year at The Good Food Festival in Beijing

February 10th, 2020

Meatless Monday collaborated with The Good Food Fund and Slow Food International to host The Good Food Festival to expand the community’s capacity and knowledge for dietary change by teaching attendees the many benefits of a diet rooted in plant-based foods

Eat Your Way to a Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

February 3rd, 2020

Heart disease is a term that covers an array of health conditions affecting the heart such as coronary artery disease, heart rhythm problems, and congenital heart defects. In honor of American Heart Month, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you eat your way to a reduced risk of heart disease

Top 20 Plant-Based Proteins

January 27th, 2020

Check out our guide to discover which seeds, nuts, legumes, vegetables, and plant-based products pack the biggest protein punch.