8 Great Gazpacho Recipes for Summer

August 15th, 2016

Stay cool this Meatless Monday with Gazpacho

Summer is in full effect and that means cool foods are on the menu. This includes gazpacho, a soup that is typically made with raw produce and served cold. A dish with ancient roots, gazpacho was originally prepared using a mortar and pestle. These days a blender or food processor will do the trick, but the essence of the dish remains the same. It’s a nourishing meal on a hot summer day, and will keep you cool while still delivering a hefty dose of fruits and veggies.

While the most popular version of the dish features tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, almost any type of produce can be incorporated with a little creativity. Remember this tip from Food52: “If the vegetables pair well in a salad, they’ll probably pair well here.” And “When in doubt, color coordinate!”

Ready to find the gazpacho that will makes your taste buds sing? Take a look through these tasty and inventive recipes from Meatless Monday Bloggers and friends. From a light and bright watermelon base to a creamy garbanzo bean version, there’s something for everyone!


Watermelon GazpachoSo Hungry I Could Blog


Roasted Peppers and Tomato GazpachoFood, Pleasure & Health


Avocado Gazpacho SoupCooking Stoned


Mango Cucumber GazpachoThe Gourmand Mom


Tomato Watermelon GazpachoJoy Foodly


Zesty Jalapeno GazpachoTomato Wellness


Green Tomato GazpachoKalyn’s Kitchen

Garbanzo GazpachoThe Picky Diet

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