Around the Globe with Meatless Monday: Brazil

August 27th, 2018

Meatless Monday, founded in 2003, encourages everyone to cut meat from their diet one day a week. The campaign is based on research that indicates starting a new healthy habit on Monday is a great way to way to carry out your intentions for the week. Meatless Monday is a positive trend that has become an international movement in more than 40 countries and in over 20 languages.

This August, we’ve visited with our global partners in Israel, the U.K., and India. Now, join us as we wrap up our trip around the world and finish with colorful Brazil!

The largest country in South America is home to beautiful beaches, luscious rain forests, and a vibrant people. Traditionally, barbeque, roasts, and stews make up much of the daily fare due to a livestock economy. So, the news from São Paulo is nothing short of a revolution.

Segunda Sem Carne, or Meatless Monday, is run by Brazilian Vegetarian Society, an organization doing groundbreaking work to introduce a plant-based diet to the Brazilian people of São Paulo.

The Segunda Sem Carne campaign is now a program at São Paulo’s City Department of Social Assistance and Development, or SMADS. The department has 1,270 locations operating government-assisted social services for children, teenagers, and adults, which includes homeless shelters.

The campaign will host workshops to train cooks and managers at SMADS to plan and implement meatless menus. It will start with 60 pilot locations but the goal is to train staff to be able to serve meatless meals to all 1,270 centers, which will reach over 220,000 people and serve 11.5 million meals per year.

The Campaign Manager for Segunda Sem Carne, Mônica Buava, noted, “The Segunda Sem Carne implementation in SMADS inspires us every day. To bring healthy, sustainable, and compassionate food practices to a population that has few resources fills our team’s hearts with hope.”

Mônica also took a moment to share a few popular and delicious Brazilian meatless recipes with us. Cashew Apple Ceviche is a modern twist on ceviche replacing fish with cashew apples.

Are you interested in launching Meatless Monday in your country? Download our Meatless Monday Global Guide and become part of the movement! The guide has everything you need to get started and helps you form relationships with organizations in your community. It contains useful steps, scientific research, and links to additional graphics and tools. The science is backed by The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, which leverages research to build a healthier food system. Be sure to tell us about your progress at

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