These Athletes Stay Tough with Plants

October 23rd, 2017

More and more professional athletes are shattering the myth that only animal proteins can fuel performance. Even if you’re a weekend warrior, here are a few pros who have gone vegan or vegetarian and seen great results on Game Day!

Damian Lillard (NBA Point Guard, Portland Trail Blazers)

The Portland Trail Blazers point guard went vegan this year, saying that he wanted to “eat cleaner and play lighter” this year. After about a month of eating vegan, Lillard says he feels “much better” and that making the transition was easy for him. He said that following a plant-based diet will help with his joints and the aging process.

Venus Williams (Olympic Gold Medalist/Professional Tennis Player)

The tennis champ and Silk spokeswoman first started following a plant-based diet to deal with an autoimmune disease. But after the results made her feel better overall, Williams stuck to the diet and continues to stay “mostly vegan.” While she says her diet is “strict,” she emphasizes that it’s important to enjoy the food you eat and finds ways to satisfy cravings with healthier food options.

David Carter (former NFL defensive tackle)

Carter made a name for himself as a defensive lineman on several NFL teams, a position that calls for a lot of strength and bulk. After developing high blood pressure and tendonitis, he switched to a plant-based diet after learning that it can alleviate inflammation symptoms. Now retired, Carter promotes a vegan diet around the country.

Iris Mak (Hong Kong marathon runner)

Mak was a marathon runner before becoming a raw vegan. But after she started working with vegan chefs and learning more about raw diets, she decided to take her own diet to a new level. She currently follows a “90 percent raw, 10 percent cooked” diet which she says helped her cope with the sensitivity to medications and cooked foods while on eating with friends.

Kyrie Irving (NBA Point Guard, Boston Celtics)

When asked about his weight this season, the Boston Celtics point guard said that he had switched to a “more plant-based diet” to get in shape. Irving says that the change has had a positive effect on his energy level  and that his “body feels amazing.”