Avoiding the Pitfalls of Holiday Parties

May 1st, 2009

Even if you serve up healthier holiday meals, you’re probably obliged to make an appearance at one or more holiday parties that don’t serve a full dinner, and filling up on appetizers without overdoing it can be tricky. Here are a few pointers for navigating the snack tables:

HIT THE VEGETABLE TRAY. Almost every party has one. Load a plate with low-calorie veggies like carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes. Try eating your veggies plain or limiting your dipping.

DON’T GO NUTS, COMPLETELY. Nuts are mostly good for you, since they’re loaded with nutrients and protein. But remember they’re also high in fat.

STATION YOURSELF AWAY FROM THE APPETIZERS. Make up a plate and mingle or set up camp across the room to discourage yourself from grazing mindlessly.

WATCH YOUR PORTIONS. At least one study has shown that people will eat more from a larger portion, regardless of the quality of the food. So if take a big helping of a sinfully delectable holiday treat, you’re pretty much sunk. It’s always a good rule to dish up small servings of rich and potentially fatty foods, and load up with healthier options like raw veggies – since the more you put on your plate, the more you will likely eat!