The Best Brands to Make Meatless Monday Effortless

January 22nd, 2018

It’s not hard to go plant-based one day a week, but having lots of vegetarian and vegan options at the grocery store makes it a lot easier. When you’re planning your Meatless Monday meals, reach for any of the brands listed below. They pride themselves on wholesome, natural ingredients – that you can pronounce – and are all great additions to any meat-free plate. With this many choices, going Meatless Monday is simple!


With over 80 years in operation, Goya has been providing families with a great variety of products such as beans, vegetables, and more that help round out the protein portion of your favorite meatless meals.

Its name is the perfect way to express what it provides: Gardein is protein from the garden. The plant-based protein company has grown since it started 25 years ago and is a partner of Meatless Monday.

If you want to give up dairy but not cheese, Daiya knows your struggle. That’s why they embarked on a mission to make dairy-free cheese, yogurt, salad dressing and more!

After over 35 years, Tofurky has gone beyond its original tempeh and now offers plant-based roasts, deli slices, and sausage that are perfect stand-ins for animal-based meat products.


If a chain like TGI Fridays can get on board with Beyond Meat and its famous Beyond Burger, it won’t be hard to convince anyone to go plant-based on burger night. In addition to their burgers, Beyond Meat also has chicken-style products, sausages, and beef-style crumbles.

It’s easy to make a pasta or rice dish vegetarian. It’s also easy to forget to replace your protein. Heidi’s Real Food has four different varieties of plant-based meatballs to make your meatless meals complete!

Got a chip craving? Plenty of chips are vegetarian, but they might not be made with the healthiest ingredients. Natural Sins chips are the solution to this problem – made from real fruits and veggies and just a touch of natural sugar.

Fiber-rich jackfruit is becoming a popular replacement for animal-based meat products since its texture is so similar to pulled pork or shredded beef. The Jackfruit Company is one step ahead of you, having done all the hard labor of preparing jackfruit in several great flavors.

When your Meatless Monday meal needs a good base, let Lotus Foods provide the rice. Lotus Foods supports More Crop Per DropTM, which “protects and restores natural resources, improves incomes and quality of life for farmers, especially women, and reduces climate impact.”

For a meatless meal on the go, Chef Soraya’s Eat-a-Bowl products are full of healthy ingredients and natural spices that surround protein sources like beans, chickpeas, and lentils.

For fans of Indian food and flavors, Maya Kaimal’s line of sauces (and other products) use the finest ingredients from India to spice up your favorite plant-based dishes.