Boston Schools Join
Meatless Monday

November 3rd, 2014


The Denver Post/Getty

Boston (Oct. 30, 2014) — Students at Boston Public Schools are finding more prominent placement of meatless dishes in their cafeterias on Mondays making Boston yet another city whose schools have embraced the Meatless Monday movement.

Deputy Director of the Boston Public Schools’ Department of Food and Nutrition Services, Deborah Ventricelli, said: “Offering students nutritious meals as part of the Meatless Monday programs allows us to meet the diverse needs of the families in our district while getting the week off to a healthy start.
Now, every Monday, our students know they can look forward to a high-quality meatless option in addition to the choices they already have.”

Students are now filling their trays with black bean burrito bowls, garden fresh salads topped with chickpeas, protein-packed chili, and other delicious and nutritious entrees.
More than 57,000 students are enrolled at Boston Public Schools, which comprises 128 schools.