Power-Up Your Diet with MM and Sharon Palmer, R.D.

September 10th, 2012

Sharon Palmer is a Registered Dietician, chef and editor of the award-winning newsletter, Environmental Nutrition. Her new book, The Plant-Powered Diet, is the perfect Meatless Monday companion, offering simple suggestions and recipes to help readers add whole foods to their diet.

With 75 meatless recipes, two full weeks of menu ideas, and handy guides on produce-prep and pantry staples, Palmer believes that The Plant-Powered Diet will inspire people of all culinary persuasions. “I’m hoping to appeal to everybody because I think everybody can benefit from this,” Palmer shared in a recent interview with Reuters. ‚ÄúPlant-based eating has so many health benefits. A wide range of research supports that: heart health, lower diabetes risk, lower cancer risk, even improved cognition… are linked with a plant-based diet.”

Palmer tells Reuters that Meatless Monday is one of the simplest ways for omnivores to reap the benefits of a more produce-focused diet. “I love the idea of Meatless Mondays,” she says. “I think the whole thing about once a week eating a plant-based meal is really catching on because it’s so easy to do.” In her book, Palmer credits Meatless Monday restaurateurs like Mario Batali for the recent surge in plant-based menu options and features testimonials from clients who have joined the movement. She also cites Meatless Monday as one of her Top Tips for Trimming Animal Food From Your Diet, encouraging readers to visit the campaign website for more resources and delicious recipes.

You too can transition to more healthful eating with the help of The Plant-Powered Diet! Get started this week with Sharon Palmer’s quick and colorful recipe for Southwestern Black Bean Mango and Quinoa Salad.