Cooking Light Features Meatless Monday Aspen Advocates as Healthy Habits Heroes

July 22nd, 2013


Congratulations to chef Martin Oswald and personal trainer Dawn Shepard for being honored by Cooking Light magazine as Healthy Habits Heroes in its August issue!

Cooking Light singled out Martin and Dawn for their work in spearheading the Meatless Monday movement in Aspen.  It was in the summer of 2011 when this heroic duo united to adopt the meat-free-Monday idea.  Working with members of Aspen’s Healthy Readers Book Club, they wrote letters encouraging local restaurants and organizations to go Meatless Monday.  The New York Times reported on their dedicated effort:

“The ambition and scale of the wider restaurant effort for Meatless Monday … has made Aspen ‘the nation’s first true Meatless Monday community, said the Meatless Monday campaign, a national effort in association with the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.”

Asked how the movement has influenced Aspenites since its launch, Dawn said, “People in our community get together for Meatless Monday dinners and events to share healthy food, great conversation, build relationships and share ideas. The word continues to spread and participation continues to grow.”

Martin, who continues to turn out delicious Meatless Monday dishes in his restaurant, Pyramid Bistro, encourages more chefs to offer Meatless Monday.  “It shows that the chef cares about his customers’ health and the environment.  Meatless Monday also challenges and expands the chef’s culinary repertoire.  He will benefit by integrating vegetarian dishes into the standard menu.  This will bring in more customers as the healthy initiative has become so prominent.”

Read the Cooking Light article online:

In addition to the Healthy Habits Heroes feature, the article offers Dawn and Martin’s tips for embracing meatless meals and tasty Cooking Light’s meatless recipes.

Find out how you can start Meatless Monday in your community by downloading our free Community Toolkit.