Cooking Meatless with Top Chefs: Bryce Shuman from Betony

October 5th, 2015

As part of the Cooking Meatless with Top Chefs video series here at Meatless Monday, we are excited to bring you interviews, advice, and tips from top chefs who love creating dishes that put delicious meatless foods at the center of the plate.

Chef Bryce Shuman opened Betony in 2013 and was named Best New Chef of 2015 by Food and Wine Magazine. Meatless Monday caught up with Chef Bryce at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City to see how he shops for the produce that goes into the elegant meatless dishes he serves.

Watch the video below for Chef Bryce’s take on the vibrant, fresh produce available from local growers:

Fresh, local produce is a key part of preparing meals at Betony. While touring the market, Chef Bryce shared that one of the lessons he learned early on in his career was that “the great stuff is grown by the growers that we know and respect.” Walking from stall to stall in Union Square, he described each farm in detail, and told us about what made the produce and the people from that farm particularly special.

For Chef Bryce, health is definitely a consideration in designing courses around meatless foods. By eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, diners can “improve health by getting a variety of minerals and vitamins that they aren’t necessarily getting in meat.” In a time when high rates of poor nutrition coincide with an increase in the demand for and consumption of meat, nutrient dense plant-based foods may be the answer to a number of challenges. “In a lot of cultures they believe that food is medicine… you really have to consider that as a chef.”

You can read more about Chef Bryce and his work at Betony, and even make a reservation when you’re in town, here.