Earthbound Farm
& Meatless Monday
Release a Cookbook

October 6th, 2014


Earthbound Farm and Meatless Monday have released an e-cookbook The Home Cook Breakfast Book which features delicious breakfast recipes that can be eaten for any meal. This recipe collection hails from eight Meatless Monday bloggers and home cooks who incorporated fresh and frozen Earthbound Farm fruits and vegetables into their Meatless Monday creations.

In August, we asked our 300 Meatless Monday bloggers to create recipes that featured a selection of fruits and veggies in fun, innovative breakfast recipes. Then, Meatless Monday  registered dietitian Diana Rice carefully selected recipes from the many entries to select the winners. (Diana is also the one who calculates the nutrition information for each recipe.) With recipes like Quinoa Cereal with Pecans, Shakshouka with Rainbow Chard or Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie, you’ll see how well healthy pairs with delicious.

Since their start in 1984, Earthbound Farm has been committed to sustainably growing organic fruits and vegetables
—since long before “organic” became hip. Myra and Drew Goodman started Earthbound Farms on a 2.5-acre plot of land and now, 30 years later, Earthbound Farm is America’s largest grower of organic produce.

This means that for 30 years Earthbound has been encouraging people to eat food that’s good for them and good for the environment. And with The Home Cook Breakfast Book, you’ll see there are eight more opportunities to cook and eat smart as well as to put fruits and vegetables at the center of the plate.

Happy 30th anniversary to Earthbound Farm!